Immigration Consultation

Immigration Consultation

We help individuals and families with all types of immigration matters. We assist clients with obtaining visas for their loved ones and employment authorization as well as legal permanent residence (“Green Card”) through marriage or family members.

We pursue special programs for clients such as those who are “DREAMers“, children, or victims of domestic violence or other serious crime. Asylum is another path towards a Green Card, and we guide clients through this long, complicated, and sometimes traumatic path.

We gratefully assist persons in applying for naturalization as well as individuals who seek to acquire or derive US citizenship through their parents and grandparents.

For any process, we can help our clients respond to Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and Notices of Intent to Deny (NOID), and we can appeal decisions if necessary and prudent.

In cases where individuals or families are brought before a immigration judge we zealously defend against removal or deportation. There are many different avenues one can take in immigration court, and we are prepared to pursue each one that applies to our clients. These efforts include seeking asylum, obtaining waivers, obtaining green cards, and, if necessary, an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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